Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Becky Leigh

Our mind week featured company is the lovely and rather charming: Becky Leigh

Run by the very lovely Becky Leigh. This online business is fresh and new. Based in North Norfolk . They sell Unique up-cycled jewellery and brooch bouquets. Their brooch bouquets are simply amazing, Such a unique and very personal, vintage look to them.

"I sell necklaces made from reworked bits of jewellery. I use reclaimed chains, pre-loved beads and almost every piece features and up-cycled brooch at the centre. I also create brooch bouquets which can be used for brides and bridesmaids. For people not getting married I offer "Keepsake Bouquets" which are made from whatever people would like them to be such as an old brooch collection, necklaces, old watches, buttons etc. I made one for a 90th birthday from the ladies brooch collection and I made one recently as a lady just wanted to display her collection"

What or Who Is Your Inspiration?

I don't have any particular influences, I like to make things that I would wear and I like the idea of owning something that you know nobody else has. It's nice to know you have something unique.

So Whats Next For Becky Leigh?

I'd like to see if I can get any interest in the bouquets from wedding magazines and maybe do a wedding fair. I'll hopefully be selling the necklaces at Wivenhoe May Fair in Essex on 30th May though! As I have 3 small boys I needed something that would fit around them so thought working for myself from home would be the best option.

What I LOVE About Becky Leigh is the possibilities I can see for her and her vision. She has an eye for new ideas, A vintage touch & look thats timeless. With the path laid out for a very bright future I can't wait to see whats coming next and just how far she can take her wonderful talent. What a wonderful idea to have some family jewellery, or something vintage for your special day, Something that once gave someone such joy to wear, is now bringing you joy to you.


You Can Buy Direct From Becky Leigh At Her Folksy Store:

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