Friday, 11 March 2011

Beadoire Jewellery

This weekends featured Company is: Beadoire Jewellery

Run by the lovely Gemma who has been making jewellery from her teens, and is based in Warwickshire. Beadoire have a vintage look that is fresh and modern. Featuring bold, expressive designs, vibrant colour's or softer, contemporary and elegant pieces.

What Or Who Inspires You?

"I am inspired by life in general really, I see things day to day that inspire my creations, whether it be the colour of a beautiful sky that I might try to capture in a piece of jewellery or childhood memories (the MY Little Pony keyrings for example). My children inspire me to never give in... I have found since watching my little ones progress and learn that I myself am more willing to try something new"

What's Next For Beadoire Jewellery?

"Onwards and upwards! I am working on a new website that will hopefully better reflect the vintage style of my jewellery and provide a pleasant and memorable buying experience for customers.
I have started organising vintage/craft fairs for local crafter's to be able to showcase our handmade wares. It's not for profit but just something that I feel needed to be done. There are lots of organisations out there that 'organise' craft fairs at such an extortionate rate, I wanted to level the playing field really.

What I admire about Gemma is her drive & commitment to the crafting industry as well has her creative drive with her jewellery. Each piece is an exquisite creation to be cherished and adored. With bespoke orders taken to budgets to suit all. I find Beadoire Jewellery original, inspired & really rather gorgeous. I look forward to what Gemma has in store next especially with her web site and craft fairs.

You Can Contact Gemma Direct At Her Great Website

Or Add Her On FaceBook

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