Monday, 7 February 2011

Better Late Than Never

Many things have taken place of a personal matter lately so I've felt a new rush, lust & love for life & for my art. This is mainly why I've decided to share it with you. I take my inspiration from the Rococo era, French Country Chic right the way through to Gothic & Victorian Steam punk. I do not make these to make money or to get praise, just for the love of making something I feel is beautiful & helps me express......well me, really.

I have made over 200 boxes & have loved giving them as gifts, to charity to auction off too, Every box comes with it's own name and as much as I wish I could keep them all I simply don't have the room. Please do comment & let me know what you think of them, maybe one day i'd like to open a studio to sell them.

My Valentines Collection
Inspired by the famous Moulin Rouge Paris


Stephanie Asphyxia said...

Wow Its put together wonderfully. Has a very cozy feeling <3 i love it ^_^

molly clark said...

i think you blog is superb, the colours and designs are so restful and easy on the eye. it's full of lovely sparkly and smelly things, so girlie xx